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Recruitment And Sourcing Specialist

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Recruitment And Sourcing Specialist
Hire Strategies

The Recruitment & Sourcing Specialist develops and executes talent procurement plans to attract, identify, screen, match and secure qualified workers to fulfill the external talent needs of the company and acts as an intermediary between customers and members of the sales and operations business units. The ongoing efforts of the Recruitment & Sourcing Specialist include administering candidate evaluation and assessment tools based on HIRE Strategies’ hiring protocols, conducting, overseeing and participating in recruitment events, and developing, deepening, and maximizing relationships with talent pool partners.


The Recruitment & Sourcing Specialist at HIRE Strategies is ideal for a business professional who has human capital know-how, is perceptive, and has good salesmanship skills, as well as being highly resourceful and outcome-focused.

 Proficient business writing skills for essential correspondence and direct response initiatives
 Proficient knowledge of digital concepts and applications
 Proficient knowledge of various candidate screening and selection tools and practices
 Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
 An understanding of business terminologies, concepts, methodologies, techniques and practices
 An understanding of workforce terminologies, concepts, methodologies, techniques and practices
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Full Time Entry Level
Raleigh, North Carolina United States
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