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Minor Use Foundation, Inc

Biological/Agricultural Specialty Product Technical Service Representative
The technical service representative performs duties required to ensure customer understanding of the agricultural specialty product, raise market awareness of the technology, and work to define the customer requirements for product performance and grower expectations.  This position offers a challenging opportunity, flexibility in work location, and diverse responsibilities.  Highly motivated individuals will find meeting the day-to-day challenges, supporting the overall launch, the understanding of the features and benefits, and the product utilization to be stimulating and rewarding.  On the job training will be provided as needed.
Major areas of responsibility include:
·       Customer relations:  The technical services representative is responsible for contacting, scheduling, and conducting meetings with technical staff in distribution, retail, and with influencers, including crop advisors, agronomists, and university staff, in the biopesticide markets being addressed by Stepan. Particular focus and understanding on biofungicidal products is advantageous.
·       Technical product understanding:  The technical service representative will work with the in-house R&D and marketing or sales team to understand and interpret the product features and benefits and communicate to customers, market influencers, and users what the product can do, how to use it effectively and how to integrate it into the customers production systems. The technical services representative will, with input from the commercial team, develop or enhance technical literature (slides, photographs, printed and digital information, and sell sheets to support the promotion and market awareness of the product.
·       Sharing feedback and experiences:  The technical services representative will regularly communicate the feedback and reactions from contacts to the commercial team.

• Flexible schedule – will require flexibility for travel, virtual and face-to-face in person interactions, and flexible work requirements.
• Excellent time management and organizational skills
• Valid drivers license, ability to work in the USA
• Computer proficiency

Education/experience requirements
• Degree (BSc, MSc, or Ph.D) in agriculture and or business related to agriculture. Experience with agricultural products used for disease and pest management in specialty crops or turf. Strong understanding of the biopesticide value proposition and positioning is advantageous.
• 5 years or equivalent Experience in sales or technical service or in Extension, University, or Crop Pest Management
• An established network of contacts including agricultural distribution, retail operations, and growers.
The compensation will be commensurate with qualifications
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