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Air Force Engineer

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Air Force Engineer
U.S. Air Force


This position is a full-time position in the Active Duty Air Force as a Commissioned Officer.

This is a great opportunity to work with many other engineering professions and broaden your professional talents. Whether you plan on making the Air Force a career or doing it for a short period, this opportunity will advance your professional knowledge and make you a competitor in the civilian market or open doors further in working with other government entities. On the personal side, the Air Force provides you opportunities to travel, 30 days paid vacation, free healthcare, 40-45 hour work week, and many opportunities to enjoy recreational activities or hobbies you may like.

Please see the information I have provided about our need for Engineering specialties. These positions are first come first serve and if you are interested, please contact me via email or phone soon as possible to move forward with this process. We must have these applications in and complete within the next 45 days. You will be required to complete a physical at the Military Entrance Processing Station (not physical test, but health evaluation). You also will be required to take the AFOQT exam, which is done at MEPS as well.


Our Line Officer Accession team recruits individuals whom already possess a bachelor's degree or are within 365 Days of graduating and are interested in pursuing officer positions that are technical (Engineering) positions. Currently the Air Force is in need of Engineers, please be aware that interested candidates in Engineering will take precedence over all others regarding appointments.


To qualify:


Technical Program - Tech Degrees (Engineering, Math, Physics,

Chemistry, Architecture, Meteorology, Atmospheric Science)

-Requirements - Under 40 years old at the time of applying*, ABET

Accreditation & AFOQT Minimum Scores: V - 10, Q - 15, AA - 0

**To QUALIFY for the CAD board you must list one OR more of the following

jobs: 32E1A, 32E1G, 32E1J, 62E1E or 32E1G


Please look these jobs listed above for more information, I have included a short summary however of these fields.




1. Specialty Summary. Plans, organizes, manages, and implements systems engineering processes to assure required capability delivery over the life cycle of Air Force systems. Included are accomplishing specialized engineering processes and sub-processes; formulating engineering policy and procedures; and coordinating and directing engineering and technical management activities and operations necessary for system conception, development, production, verification, deployment, sustainment, operations, support, training, and disposal. This includes technical management associated with the requirements definition, design, manufacturing and quality, test, support engineering and technologies, modifications, spares acquisition, technical orders, mission critical computer resources, support equipment, and specialized engineering. Related DoD Occupational Group: 240400. (See individual suffixes for specific engineering occupational codes.)


Suffix Portion of AFS to Which Related
A   Aeronautical (DoD Occ Code: 240400)
C   Computer Systems (DoD Occ Code: 240200)
E   Electrical/Electronic (DoD Occ Code: 240200)
F   Flight Test (DoD Occ Code: 240400)
H   Mechanical (DoD Occ Code: 240400)
I    Systems/Industrial/Human Factors



2. Specialty Summary. The Civil Engineer (CE) Career Area provides combat engineering support for deployed Air Force and joint units and weapons systems, emergency repair of war damage to air bases, base denial activities, and other related combat support functions; develops, monitors, and briefs survivability actions and methods to recover capabilities after attack; and organizes, trains, and equips contingency forces for nuclear, biological, chemical, and conventional attack operations and other emergency situations. The career field also encompasses activities relating to acquisition, maintenance, asset management, operation, and disposal of real property facilities, and includes planning, program formulation and execution, policy development, inspection, command, and direction of CE activities. Included are supervisory, operational, and engineering responsibilities for construction, maintenance, and repair of Air Force real property; operation of utility systems; fire prevention, protection, and aircraft crash rescue; disaster preparedness; explosive ordnance disposal. Functions involving planning and programming for maintenance, repair, and construction requirements; design and preparing plans and specifications for contracts, contract inspection, budgetary development and planning; establishing standards, requirements, and funds management for personnel, supplies, and equipment; environmental protection and base procedures for construction and maintenance of environmental improvements; planning, budgeting, construction, maintenance, and management of military family housing; acquisition, utilization, and disposal of real estate under Air Force jurisdiction; and training and use of CE professional and technical personnel. (See individual suffixes for specific engineering occupational codes.)


Suffix Portion of AFS to Which Related
A   Architect/Architectural Engineer
C   Civil Engineer
E   Electrical Engineer
F   Mechanical Engineer
G  General Engineer
H  Explosive Ordnance Disposal Engineer
I   Industrial Engineer
J   Environmental Engineer

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