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Wildlife Rehabilitation Internships UNPAID w/ Housing

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Wildlife Rehabilitation Internships UNPAID w/ Housing
Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

We are offering 8 internship positions, each of ~9 weeks in duration, during the May to Oct period 2020.
Internships at Wolf Hollow provide the opportunity to gain hands-on experience of Wildlife Rehabilitation. Interns learn diets, feeding, handling and care techniques for a range of injured and orphaned wildlife, with the aim of releasing them back into the wild.
Visit our web site at for further information and an application.

Working hours at Wolf Hollow are variable. The actual working day ranges from approximately 9 am-5 pm in winter to 7 am-10 pm (worked in shifts) in summer. Shifts and schedules are worked out to take into account the animal care requirements and the number of trained people available at any particular time. We rely heavily on interns and volunteers to help care for the large volume of animals we receive during the busy summer months. We work long hours and take turns covering different shifts and doing midnight or other night feeds.

We respond to emergency calls 24 hours a day, so a staff member is always on duty during the day and on call during the night. Once they have learned the basic skills, interns are expected to carry out routine animals care tasks by themselves during evening shifts and night feeds. Whenever possible, schedules are arranged to provide each intern with 2 days off each week.

Applicants should be 18 or over and demonstrate a genuine interest in working with wildlife.
On-site housing provided
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Visit our web site at to print out an application form. Mail completed form with essay and current resume, to Education Coordinator at Wolf Hollow