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Data Processing Assistant

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Data Processing Assistant
NCSU - Camcore

The data assistant helps Camcore research staff manage data from forest tree trials received from our members. We receive growth data from the trials including height, diameter, and other traits for hundreds or thousands of trees. The data is digitized by the members and sent to NCSU for analysis. The data assistant will use MS Excel to “clean” and organize the data prior to analysis. The assistant use advanced tools (formulas, filtering, pivot tables and others) to format and purify datasets. In addition to learning or improving your advanced spreadsheet techniques, you will learn about experimental design as it applies to forest tree genetics. The assistant should have a good experience in Excel. Knowledge of the advance tools mentioned and some Spanish are desirable but not required. The data assistant should also be willing to perform simple lab work during times when there may be no data jobs. Work is performed in Jordan Hall Addition. Our students work from 5 to 15 hours/week with an average of about 8. The hours are quite flexible and can include some evening and weekend hours if requested by the student. OPEN ONLY TO UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS. Please send resume and the Student Info Form below.

Camcore is a tree improvement research cooperative that is part of the department of Forestry and Environmental Resources. Although based at NCSU, we are comprised of 30 industrial and government members in North, South and Central America, Africa and Asia. Tree improvement is the process of finding, selecting, growing and testing the best trees to be used for tree plantations that supply the world’s wood and fiber. We look for trees that grow faster, resist pest and diseases, and have superior wood quality. Highly productive plantations help are needed to meet the growing global demand for wood and relieve pressure to exploit natural forests. Our activities also serve to conserve genetic material in countries where the forests are being depleted by human activities. We are small group of 8 faculty and staff that coordinate many projects with our members. Student workers are an important part of our team and are highly appreciated. Thank you for considering work with Camcore.

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