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Forest Stewardship Specialist

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Forest Stewardship Specialist
Tennessee Division of Forestry

Forest Stewardship Specialist
Location: Nashville, TN Salary: $3,053 - $4,883 monthly

Job Description:
The Forest Stewardship Specialist resides within the Forest Health and Sustainability Unit
and serves as the division technical experts for Forest Stewardship, Forest Legacy,
silviculture, and forest management statewide. They are responsible with securing grant
funding and coordinating the Forest Stewardship and Forest Legacy programs.
Specific Job Duties:
1. Identifies, coordinates, and implements programmatic improvement opportunities.
2. Coordinates with Forest Stewardship Coordinating Committee, Forest Legacy
Coordinating Committee sister state agencies, federal partners, non-government
organizations and other stakeholders to accomplish national, regional, and state
3. Identifies and permanently protects environmentally important, working private
forestlands threatened with conversion to non-forest uses through Forest Legacy
program implementation.
4. Seeks and secures grant revenue to fund forest management and Forest Legacy
programs and projects.
5. Seeks opportunities and partnerships to improve and grow forest management
programs with stakeholders and the public.
6. Works as a part of a dynamic team of other program specialists, regional foresters,
and seasonal employees to develop and execute holistic forest management
1. Provides training and outreach to TDF personnel, landowners, and partners on
forest management programs, new silvicultural research and techniques.

2. Provides programmatic expertise for development of strategic planning documents,
manuals, and workflows.
3. Develops and maintains cooperative partnerships with federal and state agencies,
industry, and other non-government organizations to promote forest management
and Forest Legacy program objectives in the state.
4. Responsible for all aspects of the Forest Legacy program including project
solicitation/development; program/project funding; project
implementation/acquisition; and the monitoring, management, and enforcement of
Forest Legacy acquisitions.
5. Monitors, analyses, and reports on Forest Stewardship program activities,
accomplishment, and performance data.
6. Serves as the Division’s subject matter expert on silviculture.
7. Serves as Division’s subject matter expert for ArcGIS Pro Landowner assistance

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Full Time Entry Level
Nashville, Tennessee United States
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How to Apply
Application link can be found on the Tennessee Division of Forestry’s Careers page:
For more information, please contact:
NATHAN HOOOVER | Forest Health and Sustainability Unit Leader
Department of Agriculture
Ellington Agricultural Center
P.O. Box 40627 Melrose Station, Nashville, TN 37204
o. 615-837-5552, c. 615-289-7373, f. 615-837-5003