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Team Member - Landscaping

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Team Member - Landscaping
Scenic View Landscapes, LLC

1. Works to complete any needed landscape installation or maintenance items as well as any shop or equipment maintenance with the instruction of the team leader or operations manager.

2. May operate a variety of mechanical equipment including but not limited to tractors, excavators, skid-steers, dingos, tillers, shears, chain saws, brick saws, and drills.

3. May operate automatic and stick shift vehicles, such as dump trucks and trailer combinations. (Must have valid driver’s license and be insurable by Scenic View Landscapes insurance company.)

4. Routinely organizes the shop, trucks, and equipment.

5. Provides the necessary information to the team leader for accurate timesheets and notes on a daily basis.

6. Loads and unloads trucks and equipment thoroughly. Also ensures that jobs are completed in the most time-efficient manner.

7. Maintains a clean and safe work environment, including work site, shop, and equipment.

8. Follows dress code while maintaining a neat appearance with shirt tail tucked in and pants and shirts not torn or badly stained.

9. Refers clients with questions to the Team Leader or briefs Team Leader of any client recommendations or concerns. Briefs the Team Leader on job status, personnel issues, or equipment problems when not with a Team Leader.

10. Insures the completion of a project on a daily basis while not leaving the site in disarray. Example: Cleaning the site of debris, blowing off, not leaving pieces to the project in a questionable state for the client.

11. Reports to work by 7:30 am.

12. Participates in “AM and PM Huddles” with the Team Leader.

The team member works under the supervision of the Team Leader installing and maintaining all types of landscape elements. The landscape team member may operate a variety of equipment as well as drive trucks. Shop duties, field operations, and overall helping the Team Leader are the responsibilities of the Team Member to complete on a daily and weekly basis.
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Hickory, North Carolina United States
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