Obama Mandates National Forest Products Week

Forest research

To recognize the men and women who are responsible for the stewardship of our forests and for the preservation, management and use of natural resources, President Barack Obama has declared October 18-24, 2015 to be National Forest Products Week.

In the President’s official press release, he stresses the importance of protecting America’s forests and preserving our world for future generations.

President Barack Obama not only speaks to the beauty of America’s forests, but also the renewable energy, wildlife habitat, soil health, local food, water and purified air they provide.

He goes on to say, “Each day, we use a wide range of forest products — from the wood in our homes to the paper we write on to the packaging that protects our food, medicine, and other goods we rely on. During National Forest Products Week, we recognize the ways in which our Nation’s forests contribute to our livelihood and recommit to ensuring their health and stability for centuries to come.”

Beyond providing timber for construction, pulp for paper and packaging and many manufactured products we rely on daily, forests also play a vital role in the economy. Out of the approximately 750 million acres of U.S. forests, more than 420 million acres are working forests and, nationwide, forests provide more than 900,000 jobs, creating almost $240 billion in economic output every year.

For more information on National Forest Products Week, visit the official White House website.