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Here’s Why Students Love the College of Natural Resources

CNR Students at Business Etiquette Dinner

Why do students love being a part of the College of Natural Resources?

In our new content series we’re asking students what their favorite thing is about the college. Here’s what some of them had to say:

“This sounds cliche, but honestly, what’s not to love? NC State was the first college I toured, and I immediately fell in love. It is such a beautiful and welcoming campus. I came back multiple times before committing, and each time I came I kept getting drawn to CNR. I live hundreds of miles from home but still feel like I am surrounded by a family. I could not be happier.” -Erika Fye, Environmental Technology and Management ’19

“I love the fact that I am pursuing a degree in a major I thoroughly enjoy. I also love how I get the personal, small college feel with the College of Natural Resources and the large college feel with NC State University.” -Trevor Thomas, Sports Management ’19

“The College of Natural Resources is unique in that the faculty and staff are fully committed to your individual success. You are always surrounded by smiling faces and people who genuinely want to see you go on to great things. It really is an extraordinary place.” -Daniel Choi, Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology ’19

“The College of Natural Resources is full of opportunities. Outside of the classroom, there are countless ways to get involved in organizations that truly help groom your confidence and leadership. Being a part of so many different organizations has given me the chance to meet faculty outside of my major, and develop relationships that have let me genuinely grow as a professional. The College of Natural Resources has given a lot to me, and I’m confident that I’ll be successful when I graduate in May because of my involvement in so many diverse groups.” -Paul Costa, Sports Management ’16

“I like how CNR curriculums overlap. This provides students a great opportunity for networking and to learn more about different perspectives of natural resource management.” -Brandon Outen, Forest Management ’17

“I love the people and the small college feel. CNR is relatively small compared to other colleges on campus, but I like it because it is less intimidating and makes the college transition easier. Professors can really invest their time in students’ successes, and it is easier to meet new people who are also in CNR through student organizations.” -Paige Green, Ecosystem Assessment ’19

“My favorite thing about the College of Natural Resources is how genuine every single member of this community is. I remember touring the college when I was in high school and being amazed that the faculty members knew their students by name. Every person in the college is extremely passionate about what they do, and the professors genuinely care about their students. It is simply a wonderful place to be!” -Deanna Metivier, Natural Resources ’16

“My favorite thing about the College of Natural Resources is the personal attention that the students get from all of the faculty, and how much the faculty actually cares about the success of their students.” -Bobby Oglesby, Paper Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering ’16

“CNR provides opportunities for such a wide array of interests when it comes to student involvement in the college. The faculty and staff are dedicated to supporting us by facilitating involvement in various service and professional development events, jobs and other student programs.” -Darren Stebbins, Forest Management ’17

“The College of Natural Resources feel likes home. I have found a community of students, faculty, and staff that have supported and encouraged me every step of the way over the past four years.” -Mallory Gyovai, Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology ’16