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Students Share Their Favorite Thing About the College of Natural Resources

College of Natural Resources Students

Here at the College of Natural Resources, our students are dedicated to and passionate about their courses of study. 

Although we have an extremely diverse set of majors and programs within the college, it’s evident that our tight-knit community and outstanding faculty truly make the learning experience at the College of Natural Resources so unique.

As part of a new content series, we’re asking our students what their favorite thing is about being a part of the College of Natural Resources. Here’s what some of them had to say:

“My favorite part of CNR is the small, family aspect. At a large university it’s nice to know that I have a place where I’m not just a number.” -Heather Starkey, Paper Science and Chemical Engineering ‘17

“The usefulness of the curricula. Employers certainly recognize our students are ready to work. While students in other colleges search tirelessly for jobs, CNR students hand out a few resumes and get called back every time; perfect synergy.”  -Thomas Harris, Forest Management ‘16

“Students and faculty alike have a passion to learn and to teach. The willingness to share experience and expertise is invaluable.” -Emily McNamar, Masters Geospatial Information Science and Technology

“My favorite thing about the College of Natural Resources is the commitment to excellence and the feeling of family.” -Matthew Seibert, Environmental Technology & Management ‘16

“Access to world class instruction, resources, and research.” -Andrew Sims, Forest Management ‘18

“My favorite thing about CNR is the sense of community within the college. It’s nice to be in a smaller college with friendly peers and faculty, especially because NC State is such a large university.” -Rebecca Nishida, Fisheries, Wildlife, & Conservation Biology ‘16

“The relatively small class size allows for better continuity among students and the professors. Although a smaller college at State, the contributions made are huge. Students are engaged in different learning environments yet all get the same feeling; that feeling is accomplishment.” -Logan Haynes, Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management ‘17

“The fact that the college has so much real world influence. Not only does the college have good funding and support from companies that use natural resources, but it helps promote and sustain the highly viable situation of using natural resources. I have seen time and time again how practical research and focused teaching have really impacted my life and the industry that I want to work in.” -Samuel Porter, Paper Science & Engineering Dual Major ‘16

“The incredibly attentive and kind staff that go out of their way to ensure that students are exposed to the incredible leadership, service, and industry oriented experiences that the college has to offer.” -Manon MacAllister, Paper Science and Engineering ‘18

“I like how close the community is. Classes are relatively small and make it easy to get to know your classmates and professors. I can’t name one CNR class I’ve taken where a professor hasn’t known me by name. Everyone is so approachable and happy to help, and it creates a very welcoming environment.”  -Clare Morganelli, Sustainable Materials and Technology ‘17