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Student Spotlight: Hannah Foederer

Hannah Foederer at the Holly Springs Salamanders

Sport Management major Hannah Foederer is a Marketing Intern with the Holly Springs Salamanders, a Coastal Plain League baseball team for college athletes. As a Marketing Intern, Foederer helped promote the team through social media and other game-day activities. Check out her hands-on experience literally on the field, supported by the CNR Student Assistance and Enrichment Fund.

How did this experience impact you?

This experience gave me insight to what it is like to run a summer collegiate baseball team. I worked closely with the marketing department as well as with ticketing and media.

How has this opportunity or experience prepared you for your future career?

This internship gave me experience in all the fields of baseball. It prepared me by letting me see what I am strong at and what I may struggle with. I learned that marketing is one of my strong suits and I would strongly enjoy a career in sport marketing.

How did this opportunity enhance your experience as a College of Natural Resources (CNR) student?

This opportunity enhanced my experience as a CNR student by making me get out and make good connections and gain real experience in the field. Being a CNR student and having a required internship pushed me to better myself and gain experience that I most likely would not have had.

Why was participating in this experience important to you?

This experience was important to be because I will now be able to graduate from NC State with a Sport Management degree. This experience also allowed me to stay close to Raleigh while getting out and experiencing the baseball field first-hand.

What did you enjoy most about your experience?

I enjoyed the people I worked with the most in my internship. I met many great fellow college interns from all over, as well as a supportive full-time who were always willing to help.

What did you find most challenging?

The most challenging thing about my experience was the time commitment of 400 hours. While there were long days and nights spent at the ball field, I learned a lot from this experience and gained a hard work ethic.

What did you learn about yourself during your experience?

I learned a lot about myself. I learned that I am in the right field and that 12 hours at a baseball field is better than sitting at a desk job any day. I learned that I am a hard worker and I always jumped at an opportunity to learn something new.

Would you recommend this experience to other students?

I would recommend this experience to other students because it is a great organization and they are always willing to teach anything you are willing to learn.