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Meet Our Fall 2019 Incoming Students

Student poses in Wolf Plaza

Our students come from all walks of life. Some will be here for four years as undergraduates and some are pursuing a master’s or Ph.D. No matter their degree or diverse background, they are united in the College of Natural Resources Wolfpack. Meet some of our incoming students and join us in welcoming them.

Meet Caroline Zuber

Caroline Zuber poses by tree

I’m from: Cary, North Carolina

I’m studying: Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology with a minor in Spanish 

What makes me unique: I have been playing softball for 13 years and I also sang in my high school’s choirs. I plan on joining the campus choir program as well as the club softball team next year!

Meet Lexie Burns

Student poses on the coast

I’m from: Albemarle, North Carolina and transferring from Stanly Community College with my Associates of Science

I’m studying: Natural Resources Ecosystem Assessment

What makes me unique: I have a passion for conservation. I found this passion through Envirothon, a team competition based on the four environmental sciences and current issues. During my fifth year competing, my senior year, my team placed first at the state competition and qualified for the international competition that summer. Mine was the first team representing North Carolina in ten years to place in the top ten.

Meet Wallace Layman

Student poses by tree

I’m from: Kodak, Tennessee

I’m studying: Paper Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering dual major

What makes me unique: I may not eat tomatoes, lettuce, or cucumbers but I built nine raised bed gardens for an intermediate school so they could.

Meet Skye Pham

Student poses next to tree

I’m from: Chapel Hill, North Carolina

I’m studying: Sustainable Materials and Technology

What makes me unique: I lived overseas in Vietnam and China for a majority of elementary school.

Meet Mary Grace Biggerstaff

Student poses in Wolf Plaza

I’m from: Belmont, North Carolina

I’m studying: Environmental Science

What makes me unique: I have Synesthesia, which is where one sense triggers a different sense. So I can learn music really quickly because I actually visualize the music I hear in different colors. I am also very good at memorization because the letters I see have different colors associated with them. This has helped learning come much easier for me. I have a very unique and colorful life due to Synesthesia.

Meet Issac Smith

Student poses in tuxedo

I’m from: Raleigh, North Carolina

I’m studying: Natural Resources Policy & Administration

What makes me unique:  I grew up in a single-parent household with 4 siblings. My mom raised us well and we have all been fortunate enough to go to college. We’ve had our share of challenges and struggles that come with being raised by one parent, but we all endured and succeeded in our own ways.

Meet Erin Flanagan

Student poses at the Bean in Chicago

I’m from: Columbus, Ohio

I’m studying: Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology

What makes me unique: I’ve been sailing all of my life. I’ve trailered a boat all over the U.S. from Fresno, California to Cape Cod, MA. Recently, we went to Annapolis, MD for the Junior Day Sailer National Championship where I received second place. I look forward to joining NC State’s sailing team this year!

Meet Matthew Gardner

Student walks with kids in military uniform

I’m from: Newport, Rhode Island and transferring from American Military University

I’m studying: Sustainable Materials and Technology

What makes me unique: I’m a bomb technician in the Marine Corps. I have been in the Marine Corps since 2007 and will continue to maintain my active duty status while being a full-time student. I have been able to deploy to Iraq, Afghanistan twice, Italy, and Africa. I have two beautiful children, Matthew Jr (4) and Madison (2).

Meet Rachel Weaver

Student poses while traveling abroad

I’m from: West Jefferson, North Carolina

I’m studying: Environmental Science

What makes me unique: I am from the mountains so I grew up hiking and kayaking. I’m also very into art and dancing.

Meet Emily Pasola

Student poses at sunset on bridge

I’m from: Charlotte, North Carolina

I’m studying: Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management with a concentration in Sustainable Tourism

What makes me unique: I am bilingual in Spanish and English and I hope to be able to use my Spanish along with Tourism in my future career.

Meet Grayson Moffitt

Student poses by ocean pier

I’m from: Oak Island, North Carolina

I’m studying: Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management

What makes me unique: I was Student Body President, Eagle Scout, Nominated for Scout of the Year and was a Supreme Court Justice at Tar Heels Boys State. My background is just hard work. Anyone can accomplish anything they put their mind to and have the resources for.

Meet Caroline Lewis

Student poses in front of wood planks

I’m from: Knoxville, Tennessee

I’m studying: Paper Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering dual major

What makes me unique: I have grown up in the hills of East Tennessee under the influence of my grandpa, a retired nuclear physicist. As such, I spent many days watching him perform mini physics labs, listening to him explain phenomena of all the natural sciences, and visiting the Great Smoky Mountains, which seemed to be right in my backyard.