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Author: Sarah Corica

Elk Knob Fall

Oct 6, 2015

Roads Less Traveled: Family Trips off the Beaten Path

North Carolina families willing to detour from the most popular national park in the Great Smoky Mountains can find stunning fall colors in a variety of less-visited spots statewide. 

Doug Shoemaker

Sep 28, 2015

Student’s Model Predicts a Better Environmental Future

Douglas Shoemaker is passionate about changing both the landscape we know and that of the future, working in what he calls the computational frontier at the Center for Geospatial Analytics. 

Students on Brickyard

Sep 16, 2015

Insect Snacks on the Brickyard?

Graduate student Steve Grodsky wanted to give his students a real experience with science communication. So his class asked fellow students on NC State’s Brickyard to try insect-infused snacks. 

Hare in snow

Sep 1, 2015

International, Cross-Discipline Team Explores the Impact of Climate Change on Hares

Dr. Scott Mills ventures into new branches of science—from field ecology to genetics and evolutionary biology—to better understand the impact of climate change on snowshoe and mountain hares. 

bike in road

Aug 28, 2015

Study: Better Signs Could Help Reduce Friction Between Motorists, Bicyclists

Researchers find "Share the Road" signs create misunderstandings between drivers and bicycle riders. 

Coyote Night

Jun 30, 2015

Where the Wild Things Aren’t: Cats Avoid Places Coyotes Roam

Animal tracking expert, Roland Kays, says the first large-scale study of U.S. domestic cats shows they hunt close to home. 

May 11, 2015

Graduates Leave Campus with Hands-On Experience and Exciting New Jobs

After two internship, senior Nelessa Lewis will start her job as a process engineer at International Paper in June. 

Crowdsource Science

May 1, 2015

Citizen Science Helps Predict Risk of Emerging Infectious Disease

More than 1,600 trained volunteers contributed to a sudden oak death tracking project that accurately predicted the disease's spread, showing promise for crowdsourced science. 

Apr 20, 2015

Dr. Casper Leads Effort to Make NC State Athletics Green

New collaboration aims to make Carter-Finley Stadium a zero waste stadium starting this fall. 

Controlled burn

Apr 16, 2015

Supporting our Forests with Fire

It takes many elements to help forests thrive. Water, soil and sunlight are the most commonly known. But there's another required element for many forests -- fire.