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Tag: fisheries wildlife and conservation biology

black bear drinking from fountain

Mar 19, 2016

In Asheville, locals and black bears learn to get along

For decades the consensus among wildlife biologists was that black bears and people can’t coexist. But a study in the College of Natural Resources is proving otherwise. 

Snowshoe Hares

Jan 25, 2016

Evolutionary Clock Ticks for Snowshoe Hares Facing Climate Change

NC State research shows mismatch in coat colors kills snowshoe hares. Will they be able to adapt in time? 

No Two Paths FWCB

Jan 13, 2016

No Two Paths Are The Same: Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology

To showcase the unique nature of our majors and career placements, we’ll be sharing stories of students in the college who are using their education to land specialized jobs in the industry. 

Forgotten Coast movie title screen

Nov 6, 2015

College of Natural Resources Alumna Works on New Wildlife Film

Alexandra Morrison '14 is helping to bring awareness to the conservation of wild Florida through the new film, The Forgotten Coast: Return to Wild Florida. 

Raleigh Skyline

Nov 5, 2015

NC State Follows Raleigh’s Lead to Look at Bird Safety

Undergraduates to study bird strikes on campus to decrease the number collisions at NC State. 

Students on Brickyard

Sep 16, 2015

Insect Snacks on the Brickyard?

Graduate student Steve Grodsky wanted to give his students a real experience with science communication. So his class asked fellow students on NC State’s Brickyard to try insect-infused snacks. 

Megan Owens Goodnight Scholar Feature

Jan 14, 2015

Spotlight on Natural Resources Student and Goodnight Scholar Megan Owens

Settled in after an exciting first-year at NC State, Megan is spreading her love for the environment across the globe as she prepares to co-lead the Goodnight Scholars Alternative Service Break trip to the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago and finish her capstone project for the GREEN Program in Iceland.