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Paul HerbertPaul Herbert, a recent graduate of the Park, Recreation & Tourism Management  (PRTM) Professional Masters program at NC State University, was recently appointed as a member of the North Carolina Recreation and Parks Authority by recommendation of the Speaker of the House.  The 15-member Authority makes decisions on how money from the Parks and Recreation Trust Fund is allocated.

As one of 15 appointed members serving a three year term of office, his powers and duties will include: Receiving public and private donations and funds for deposit into the fund; Allocating funds for land acquisition; Allocating funds for capital projects; Soliciting financial and material support; Developing effective support for parks and recreation; and Advising the Secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources on any matter he may refer to the General Assembly.

“I am thrilled to have been appointed to this important public body.” says Herbert.
“It is important that professionals in the field serve with other volunteer citizens to ensure great parks and recreation experiences for all North Carolinians.  My recent PRTM Professional Masters degree experience at NCSU has been helpful in understanding current research and trends in the field and will serve me well in being a better-informed and knowledgeable Parks and Recreation Authority member.”  

Herbert is a principal at Recreation Consulting Solutions and a past director and supervisor of several cultural arts programs in the Charlotte/Mecklenburg County, North Carolina area.

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