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Mardi Gras
What is the impact of cultural and sporting ‘mega-events’, like the World Cup, the Olympics, and Mardi Gras?

A new research project called CARNIVAL brings together several international partners who will spend 4 years studying the factors which influence successful event legacies.

Dr. Jason Bocarro from the Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management department is one of the NC State University faculty participating in the partnership.

CARNIVAL will take a hard look at the factors that influence successful event legacies: including the bidding/planning preparations, successful event management practices and the implementation of social and economic legacy programs.

Lasting 4 years from late 2013 to 2017, CARNIVAL will provide an unparalleled opportunity to conduct meaningful, longitudinal and cross-cultural studies of Mega-Events and their legacies. Policy makers, event management professionals, activists and researchers are invited to follow the project, on-line or through Twitter, where information about up-coming events and publications will be released.

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