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About MePhoto of Katie Campbell

I am a PhD student in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management at North Carolina State University. I am interested in youth and community development. My past research has focused on rural girls, their perceptions of success, and the impact of living in a rural community on youth. My advisor at North Carolina State University is Dr. Michael Edwards.

Who has been most influential to you?

Multiple people have been extremely influential at different times in my life. My family positively influenced me through their support and encouragement. My mother, especially, taught me the value of learning and being able to teach well. One of my coaches in middle and high school also has been influential; he took the time to challenge me through having high expectations and providing support when needed. Community members and camp counselors also engaged with me in a way that helped develop my passion for youth development and empowering communities. The youth I have worked with have impacted me extensively through allowing me to be part of their lives and helping remind me of the importance of the youth development field. Additionally, various professors I have encountered have helped me to continue to develop a love for learning, teaching, and research, which I hope to continue developing here at North Carolina State University.

Professional Goal

My goal is to be an excellent researcher and teacher at a Research I university, focusing on increasing and deepening knowledge of various aspects of youth and community development and communicating that knowledge in a way that benefits youth and their communities.

Previous Degrees and Where I Received These Degrees

I received a B.S. and M.S. in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Sciences at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.

“Words of Wisdom” for Prospective Students

Ask lots of questions. Before you decide to come, asking various people about their experiences and interests helps you get an idea of what you are potentially moving toward. If you decide to come, asking questions facilitates learning and is part of what creates the collaborative atmosphere enjoyed in this department. Additionally, as you adjust to the environment, asking questions is necessary for you to be successful.

My Leisure Interests

I love reading, working with children and youth, and dabbling in a variety of artistic and musical activities.