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About MeShahab Nazarialdi

Hello, I am Shahab Nazariadli originally from Iran and came here few months ago to start my PhD Journey in the East U.S., and actually happy with my decision. I got my B.A diploma in architecture and my M.A one in Landscape Architecture from Iran. Yes it seems kind of strange for someone who looks to my background and notices such a shift in my thread of studies. However, I admit their intertwining synergy which will ultimately contribute to my multifaceted knowledge/insight and experience, enriching my world view side. My primary goal to come here was sparked from my Master’s thesis named “Iranian Village” which was a sort of open-air rural museum with its affiliated tourism experience issues. This made me think about the role of tourism to infuse meaning and entity to architectural destinations, and also to draw on the prominence of architecture per se as an antecedent for tourism development.

Further, I ended up to get acquainted with the Millennium Development Goals of the UNDP– to eradicate poverty in rural communities. Yes, my interest was evolving in more concentrated and practical fashion: I  eventually contacted Professor Duarte Morais about their project named “People First Tourism (P1T)”. Their aim is to promote sustainable, dignified and meaningful livelihoods for marginalized/alienated people mostly living in remote/rural areas not only in the U.S. but across the globe. Currently I am working on southern eastern areas of the NC as a part of my commitments to the P1T.

Who has been most influential to you?

My advisor: Professor Durate B Morais and Professor Jafar Jafari.

Professional Goal

I had been teaching in an architecture department in Iran by the early past, so am willing to keep my interest in academia due to professional fulfillment but also go to the business districts to establish my own consultancy specific job.

Previous Degrees and Where I Received these Degrees

B.A in Architecture at Islamic Azad University of Qazvin; and M.A in Landscape Architecture at University of Tehran.

“Words of Wisdom” for Prospective Students

If you want to succeed just foolishly think that you are made for that.

My Leisure Interests

Camping in intact, authentic rural landscapes to unwind. Going on the stage and Rock!