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About Mekyle smith

I am a M.S. student in the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management, under the advisement of Dr. Lincoln Larson. I am originally from outside Atlanta, Georgia, but have called many places on the East Coast home while working in the recreation and hospitality industry. My assistantship with Recreation Resources Service provides the opportunity to engage in the continued development of municipal recreation agencies throughout North Carolina.

What has been most influential to you?

The Blue Ridge Mountains and the continued guidance of gracious mentors Dr. Melissa Weddell and Dr. Stephanie West.

Professional Goal?

To be faculty in a collegiate recreation or hospitality setting.

Previous degrees and where I received these degrees?

B.S. Recreation Management-Appalachian State University

“Words of Wisdom” for prospective students

Find your comfort zone and leave it.

My leisure interests

Biking, paddling, weight training and rewarding hard work with a craft beer.