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About MeRachel Szczytko

I am a native Michigander who found her way to Raleigh via New Hampshire. I have worked in outdoor education and the camp setting for most of my life. My time outdoors, specifically at Blandford Environmental School, instilled an appreciation and love for the Earth. I believe that nature-based education is the key to developing intrinsic motivations to act in way that supports, protects, and cherishes our planet.

Who has been most influential to you?

Strong women in my life who have instilled a love of learning, an appreciation for the planet, and the power of positivity: my mom, various camp counselors, Maree Limpus, Rachel Carson, Donella Meadows, and Mother Earth.

My partner, Richard, who helps me be a better person every day.

Professional Goal

To instill intrinsic motivations for pro-environmental behaviors via nature-based, long-term environmental education.

To accomplish this, I hope to be conducting research and developing long-term outdoor, environmental education programs through partnerships with public schools.

Previous Degrees and Where I Received these Degrees

B.S. in Environment from the University of Michigan, focus in Terrestrial Ecology.

Words of Wisdom for prospective students 

Remain positive and make time for yourself! Your emotional and physical well-being are just as important as your thesis.

My Leisure Interests

Being outdoors, yoga, hiking, painting, plant identification, and anything on/in/near water