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About MeBrendali Carrillo

Hailing from Peru, I am a M.S. student in the PRTM Department under Dr. Barbieri’s advisement. I started working in 2003 while pursuing my undergraduate degree in Tourism Management. Since then I have had the chance to work in different areas of the tourism industry across South America in both private and public sectors. My research interest is in education as a tool to preserve culture in rural tourism destinations. I am thankful for all I am learning from my colleagues and professors at NC State and happy to share my experience and cultural background, hoping to contribute to my new environment.

Who have been most influential to you?

My parents, because they have taught me the importance of being sensitive and strong at the same time. They have showed me the value of my origins by taking me to visit my relatives living in rural areas since I was a child. By doing this, they have inspired me to cherish the simple things in life and to consider myself blessed without taking anything for granted.

Professional Goal

I believe that through sustainable tourism we can bring development and enhance the quality of life of people living in rural areas. Therefore, I would like to work on research to find practical solutions towards this objective.

Previous Degrees

Tourism Management Degree – Lima, Peru; 2009

“Words of Wisdom” for Prospective Graduate Students

Great things will come along if you keep your ultimate goal in mind.

Be thankful and humble, every person in the world can teach you something.

My Leisure Interests

Singing and exploring new music; walking and exploring new places.