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Charmaine Pedrozo

About Me

I am a Master’s student co-advised by Dr. Lincoln Larson and Dr. Caren Cooper working on an evaluation of the effects on the participants of a citizen science project called Candid Critters.

Ever since I was young, I have always loved learning about animals, which resulted to me pursuing a career conducting research related to wildlife. I completed internships where I had to work with snakes, frogs, birds, and even insects. However, the more I learned, the more I realized just how important humans are in impacting the environment and the animals living it. This shifted my focus on animals to the broader concept involving understanding the relationship of humans to wildlife and the environment. My research interests include the human dimensions of wildlife and environmental education.

Who has been most influential to you?

My family (mom, dad, sisters, and brother) influenced me to actively pursue my education. They instilled a value in me that motivates me to continuously seek knowledge, which definitely helped me get to where I am now. They have always been supportive of my decisions and have always been there whenever I need them.

My undergraduate mentors, Nichole Bishop and Brian Smith, also played big roles not only in my career, but also to my personal well-being. Both of them taught me about life balance—that is, balancing work with relationships, hobbies, and self-care. I believe that I am well-prepared in tackling life challenges because they taught me lessons that I still apply to my life even today. 

Professional Goal

My professional goal is to work for an organization/company that fosters the connection between humans and their environment. I hope to either be conducting research related to this or creating programs that would facilitate this.

Previous Degrees and Where I Received these Degrees

Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, University of Florida, May 2017

“Words of Wisdom” for Prospective Students

Not everything will go as perfect as you imagined it to be, and that is alright. Take a deep breath, keep believing in yourself, and know that you WILL succeed!

My Leisure Interests

I love to travel! If that is not possible at the moment, I mainly play badminton or tennis, hike, kayak, learn dances or volunteer. I have a lot of interests and if I ever have extra time on my hands, I would love to improve on my skills regarding cooking, photography, drawing, and swimming.