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About MeMaude Dinan

I am a Master’s student working under the advisement of Dr. Bethany Cutts. Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, I received my undergraduate degree in Organismal Biology from Auburn University. Since graduating, I have worked for NGOs and the National Park Service as an interpreter in various settings. Whether performing raptor presentations in Alaska or guiding people through caves in California, I have realized the human connection to nature is critical in conservation. I seek to bridge the gap between humans and nature, developing sustainable methods in wildlife education and management.

Who has been most influential to you?

My parents have been an endless source of encouragement, grace, and humor. They taught me a respect for the natural world, humbling me and igniting within me a passion to care for it.

Professional Goal

I would like to continue strengthening the connection between people and nature through a position in the National Park Service or with a partnering agency.

Previous degrees and where I received these degrees

BS Organismal Biology: Conservation and Biodiversity from Auburn University

“Words of Wisdom” for prospective students

Remember that we were not made for comfort. It is in those strange and challenging moments that you grow, learn, and live. So ask that silly question, email that professor . . .

My leisure interests

You can usually find me at a coffee shop, rollerblading, or spending time outdoors.