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Candace Goode Vick Scholarship Endowment Announcement

PRTM recently announced the Candace Goode Vick Scholarship Endowment in honor of Dr. Vick’s contributions to the department.
The announcement will be celebrated at the Alumni and Friends Spring Celebration on April 11th in Pullen Park.¬† The annual Rho Phi Lambda Silent Auction proceeds will benefit the scholarship. Dr. Vick is in her second year of a tiered retirement and in the process of passing the torch of her many responsibilities. When asked what she thought about the announcement she stated “It was very unexpected. I’m happy the scholarship will support undergraduate students and confirm the importance of our commitment to them because it’s really always about the student”.
Dr. Vick has been working at NCSU for 33 years and is the 2nd generation from her family to work here and have a scholarship in their name. Her father Dr. Lemuel Goode  was a faculty member from 1947-1986.
In 2009, the Faculty Advisor Award was awarded to Dr. Vick in recognition and celebration of her exemplary service. As Faculty advisor, she has been the point of contact when a student needs guidance, direction and maybe just a conversation of encouragement.