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Every year the Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism Managment at NC State University recognizes a professional who has made an outstanding contribution to the parks, recreation, tourism, sport or golf profession at the state, national, or international level.

The award is designed to recognize individuals who are not graduates of the NC State Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management. Recipients must be a practicing professional for at least twenty (20) years.

We are excited to recognize Dr. Robin Moore as the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

robin mooreRobin Moore, Dipl.Arch, MCP, Hon. ASLA, is Professor of Landscape Architecture and Director of the Natural Learning Initiative (design research lab, co-founded with Dr. Nilda Cosco in 2000), College of Design, NC State University. Moore holds degrees in architecture, Bartlett School, London University, and city and regional planning, MIT (where he studied with Kevin Lynch), and is an international authority on the intergenerational design of nature play and learning environments for children and families. Projects include Teardrop Park and Pier Six, Brooklyn Bridge Park (with Michael Van Valkenburgh and Associates), Nature PlayScapes at the Cincinnati Nature Center and the Arlett Center, University of Cincinnati (with Rachel Robinson); Kids Together Playground, Cary (with Little and Little); Blanchie Carter Discovery Park, Southern Pines Primary School (New York Times, October 1999), and over 60 early childhood outdoor learning environments in North Carolina. Moore’s research is focused on community-based, evidence-driven built environmental design and the behavioral needs of children and families. He is former chair of the Environmental Design Research Association and former president of the International Play Association. He was a member of the UNESCO “Growing Up in Cities” research team. Recent publications include Nature Play & Learning Places (2014); “Growing Up Green: Naturalization as a Health Promotion
Strategy in Early Childhood Outdoor Learning Environments,” Children, Youth and Environments (2014); and “Design for Healthy Childhoods and a Healthy Planet,” in Biophilic Design (2008).

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