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Every year the Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism Managment at NC State University recognizes a professional who has made an outstanding contribution to the parks, recreation, tourism, sport or golf profession at the state, national, or international level.

The award is designed to recognize individuals who are not graduates of the NC State Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management. Recipients must be a practicing professional for at least twenty (20) years.

We are excited to recognize Hugh Devine as the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

Drhugh devine. Hugh Devine has all his degrees from Pennsylvania State University in the areas of Forest Resource Management, Forest Recreation, and Operations Research/Forest Resources.

Hugh has been at NCSU his entire career and was hired in 1977 as a “Recreation Mathematician.” He has served as graduate committee chair for over 1,000 students. Dr. Devine has been involved with almost every major undertaking of the Department especially related to technology and graduate studies. He started teaching the first GIST courses in 1983 and founded the Center for Earth Observation in 1989. He has many associations across campus and has long-term relationships with professionals outside the university in both recreation and GIS fields. For example, he started working with the National Park Service doing research in the 1970’s and continues to this day.

Hugh has received numerous honors within the NC State system including most recently: Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor, University Community Engaged Faculty Fellow, Distinguished Service Award from the Institute of Advance, Election to the Academy of Outstanding Faculty Engaged in Extension, University Alumni Outstanding Extension Service Award.

The best way to describe Hugh is as a builder: The building has included within PRTM and GIS, of academic programs within the Department as well as places, and especially as a builder of relationships.

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