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Academic Advising Personnel

Spring, Summer and Fall Registration Advising

The following policies apply to undergraduate students in the NCSU Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management.

If you have questions, contact the office of PRTM Undergraduate Programs, 4004 Biltmore Hall, 919-513-3939.

Please read the following directions concerning advising for Spring, Summer and Fall registration carefully.

1) Advising for the upcoming semester begins immediately after break. Advising for the spring semester begins after Fall break and Fall advising begins after Spring break.

2) Academic advisors will post their advising appointment schedules outside their doors prior to the break. Please stop by your advisor’s office and sign up for an appointment. Note that most advisors will post their advising schedules for approximately 3 weeks. For easy and timely access to your advisor, make every effort to make your appointment during the official advising period.

3) For your advising meeting bring:

  • A current copy of your degree audit from MyPack
  • A copy of your course wish list
  • A list of questions you might have about your academic program or career

4) The academic hold on your account will not be lifted until you meet with your advisor.

5) You can find your registration date by logging into MYPACK PORTAL and looking in the Enrollment section under Enrollment Appointment.

Academic Policies

  • Fostering Undergraduate Student Success Policy – Includes updates to the following policies:
    • Suspension Regulation – effective Fall 2015
    • Progress Toward Undergraduate Degree Regulation
    • Add/Drop Regulation
    • Withdrawal Regulation
    • Grade Exclusion Regulation
  • C Wall Courses
  • Credit Only Classes–A student may take PE and the foreign language 101 and 102 courses for credit only. In addition, a student may take up to 12 semester hours in other courses for credit only. These courses must be counted as free/restricted electives and will be reported as S or U. The grade for a credit only course will have no effect on a student’s GPA. However, the course will be counted in the cumulative hours attempted.
  • Repeating Courses–The advisor’s approval is required for students to repeat any course previously passed with a C- or better. Approval is normally not granted when:

1. Students wish to repeat a course that they have passed with a C- or better after having successfully completed an advanced course covering similar material.

2. Students wish to repeat a course that they have passed with a C- or better which is a prerequisite for an advanced course that they have already successfully completed, or

3. Students wish to take an introductory course after they have successfully completed an advanced course dealing with similar material,

4. Students wish to upgrade a course in which they have an outstanding grade of IN. Refer to the NC State Undergraduate Catalog and/or your advisor for more information about the course repeat without penalty for first year students.

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