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1.  PRTM students admitted after Fall, 2006 must adhere to the pre-internship policy and complete the form. This policy does not apply to Sport
Management Major.

2.  Successfully complete PRT 375 in Fall semester prior to completing your internship

3.  Clear eligibility to take PRT 475-internship with his/her advisor.

4.  Access the internship files in Biltmore 4012 and search prospective internship agency listings.

5.  Identify and contact potential internship agency(s).

6.  Negotiate internship experience and complete an Internship Work Plan that describes the agency, the specific areas you will be assigned to (with
some reference to the amount of time and/or percentage of internship allotted to each area).

7.  Schedule a meeting with the Internship Coordinator to obtain approval of the work plan. At this time the intern and Internship Coordinator will
confirm the internship location, and agree on any special considerations or additional contacts with the internship agency.

8.  Complete Internship Agreement form.

9.  Register for PRT 475 (8 hours) first summer session (or the semester in which you complete your internship).

10. Your assigned Faculty Internship Supervisor will contact you regarding your departmental responsibilities during your internship. If you do not hear
from your Faculty Internship Supervisor, you should be proactive and contact them. Faculty members supervising interns receive their student
assignments in mid to late May for summer internships. Be sure to look at your expected responsibilities and examples of your required reports as
 outlined in the Internship Manual.