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Rho Phi Lambda began as Rho Phi Alpha at North Carolina State in 1959, acting as an honor fraternity for the top academic students in the Department of Recreation and Parks Administration. By the 1980s, five other universities had established chapters in Rho Phi Alpha, though another fraternity was also serving as an academic honorary group for Recreation and Parks students nationwide – Sigma Lambda Sigma, which had been established at Florida State University. Professors from the two respective universities met to discuss merging the fraternities, an action which was carried out in 1985. The organization was renamed Rho Phi Lambda, and because NC State’s chapter was the oldest of all chapters in the merged organization, they assumed the title of Alpha Chapter. Rho Phi Lambda does not have an individual national office – rather, since NC State’s chapter is the Alpha chapter, they also act as the national office for the organization. The Alpha Chapter of Rho Phi Lambda remains active at NC State.

As a club, Rho Phi Lambda strives to provide opportunities for the personal and professional enrichment of its members. Active Rho members often receive financial support to attend professional conferences and meetings. we are always looking for avenues to better equip RHo members for the profession, and we have lots of fun doing it!

Rho Phi Lambda is open to any PRTM student that has an overall GPA of 3.0 and a 3.2 GPA in the degree program, is in their second semester at NC State, and has passed nine (9) hours of PRTM courses.

For more information on how you can join Rho Phi Lambda, contact Annette Moore or room 4012 D, Biltmore Hall, 919-515-9572.