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Josh Van Noy_Swede Frauson ScholarshipJosh Van Noy is the 2017 recipient of the Jack “Swede” Frauson Sports Management Scholarship was established February 27, 2008 to honor Swede’s contributions to the field of recreation in his role as a Recreation Consultant for the North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation. In that capacity, Swede assisted 30 communities and helped to organize over 50 parks and recreation citizen advisory boards. In addition, Swede served as the “volunteer” Development Officer for the Department of PRTM where his diligent service and friendly personality enabled him to successfully receive contributions and pledges of over $2 million. The monies secured are primarily used for scholarships, so that PRTM can attract outstanding students to pursue careers related to parks, recreation, tourism, sport and professional golf management.

Eligible candidates must be pursuing a degree in Sport Management (SMT).

For information about college scholarships, contact Janell Moretz at (919) 513-1596 or email.

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