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Celeste Kathleen_ Anne Gordon ScholarshipCeleste Kathleen is the 2017 recipient of the Lena Anne Gordon Endowed Scholarship.

The Lena Anne Gordon Endowed Scholarship was established on December 12, 2014 by Lena Anne Gordon, a friend and supporter of Recreation Program Management.  Ms. Gordon was employed with Raleigh Parks and Recreation Department as an activity supervisor which also included programming for senior adults.  Her many accomplishments included tripling the number of senior citizen clubs around the city and planning of the inaugural Senior’s Holiday Celebration. She was involved in the development of Raleigh’s First Senior Games and Co-Chaired Senior Day at the NC State Fair. Awards she received were the NC Recreation and Park Association Fellow Award in 1973; induction into the Wake County Academy of Women in 1986, and several awards from the Woman’s Club of Raleigh including the Mabel Claire Maddrey Award in 1995 from the Woman’s Club, The Joyce Daughtery White Award, and the Maude Davis Benn Award.

This is a merit based scholarship that is awarded for one (1) academic year. Scholarship applicants must be undergraduates enrolled in the Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management Department at NCSU wishing to work in public/municipal recreation.

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