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James Bernash_Frauson WInslow and Rea ScholarshipJames Bernash is the 2017 recipient of the Winslow, Frauson, Rea Endowed Scholarship in Park Management.

The Winslow, Frauson, Rea Endowed Scholarship was created on April 2, 1998 by Darrell G. and Ann H. Winslow, Jack “Swede” and Joy Frauson, and Phil S. and Karen Rea. This endowment also received significant funding by Ms. Wyn Keating Damman in honor and memory of her brother, Gene Brugere, who worked as a forester until his demise. This scholarship recognizes the outstanding efforts and accomplishments of the endowment originators. In addition, this scholarship was made possible through the collaboration and contributions of Winslow and Wyn Keating Dammon, who make significant contributions in nature conservation efforts and their communities.

The primary candidate should be a United States citizen, display academic potential, leadership and extra-curricular achievement. Financial need will be considered, although it will not be the determining factor.

Applicants must have undergraduate status and be enrolled in the Park and Natural Resource Recreation Concentration (N).

For information about college scholarships, contact Janell Moretz at (919) 513-1596 or email.

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