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rock climbingThe Park and Natural Resource Concentration at NC State University creates leaders in the fields of natural resources, conservation and environmental education. Our students and graduates are highly sought for internships and careers due to their high level of professionalism and understanding of management concepts related specifically to natural resources and environmental management.

Our students learn from experts in the fields of facility planning, ecology, leadership and supervision, and outdoor recreation management. Hands-on experience through a three-month internship provides real world experiences. Study abroad opportunities are available for domestic and international travel and study.

This major is well-suited for people who enjoy working outdoors who are interested in environmental protection and conservation, facility planning and development; those who want to influence policies regarding parks and natural resources; and for students that want to make a positive impact on the lives of others and on the natural environment.

The program takes a hands-on approach to learning with courses often taught in a combination of classroom lecture, practical projects and exercises, field trips, guest speakers, and service-learning projects. The classes are small and offer more individualized attention to each student. Additionally, students build knowledge and experience in a real-world setting through a ten-week, required internship.


Global Benefits

  • Protect the environment
  • Improve quality of life of community members
  • Make policies that have global impact
  • Preserve heritage sites
  • Lead conservation and sustainability efforts

Park and Natural Resource Student Profile

  • Passionate about the outdoors
  • Strong environmental ethics
  • Enjoys being the leader
  • Technology savvy – interested in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Proven problem solver
  • Demonstrates policy making abilities
  • Enjoys outdoor adventure programs and activities
  • Interested in environmental sciences

Examples of Career Titles

  • Park Ranger – State or Federal
  • Environmental Educator
  • Nature Center Director
  • Park Superintendent or Director
  • Geographic Information Systems Specialist
  • Professor / Lecturer
  • Adventure Recreation Leader
  • Outdoor Recreation Planner
  • Conservation Agency Representative
  • Greenway Trail Planner

Sample Classes

  • Outdoor Recreation Management
  • Recreation and Park Interpretive Services
  • Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Recreation Planning and Development
  • Ecology

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