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DSC_0817The PGM Big Brothers / Big Sisters is an extension program of the PGM Ambassadors. Select students who served as Ambassadors continue to be the points of contact for the former prospective students who are now new members of the PGM program. They take on the new role of providing new students with information regarding class selection, directions to campus offices and golf courses off campus, getting tickets to athletic events, and other questions a first year student may have, including “How do I do my laundry?”

This program also serves as a business networking group. Students working at area courses often refer their “little brothers or sisters” for open positions at local facilities. Alumni frequently request their “little brothers or sisters” to intern for their current facilities.

Students agreeing to be big brothers or big sisters help create strong bonds among students and enforce the “small family feel” of the PGM program even in the midst of a large university.