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1. How do I apply to NC State and the PGA Golf Management program and when should I apply?

Complete the NC State University Online Application form. Mail your letter of recommendation and your GHIN scores to the PGA Golf Management office.

2. Do PGM faculty and staff help me find places to do my internships?

Yes. We have a list of golf facilities that have been approved and are registered as internship partners. However, you are not limited to these. We also encourage you to take responsibility and conduct research on your own to come up with ideas of places where you may be interested. The Internship Coordinator and other PGA Golf Management faculty/staff members will work with you to secure your position.

3. Are internships paid positions?

Yes. We will not recommend an unpaid position to you.
Wages and benefits vary according to the facility. For example, a facility may pay $10/hr and offer one free meal/shift but not offer housing or staff clothing. Another facility may pay $8/hr, offer housing for a small monthly fee, provide staff clothing and one free meal/shift.

4. Is housing provided during the internships?

Sometimes. Some facilities provide housing for a small fee. Others may not have housing onsite, but may work with their facility members to provide housing or assist the students in finding appropriate locations during their internships. Students are usually housed together when more than one intern is working at a facility.

5. Am I still a full-time student while working on my internship?

Yes. Our internships are based on a Co-Op model, which allows for students to stay full-time, but only pay a Co-Op fee of $450 each time they are off campus.

6. Do all PGA Golf Management students live together in the same residence hall?

Our students are not required to live together and may select the residence hall of their choice. The PGA Golf Management Office will submit a request to University Housing on students’ behalf if they wish to room with other PGA Golf Management students. We cannot guarantee that students will receive their requested residence hall or roommate.

7. Are first year students allowed to have a car on campus?

Yes. First year PGA Golf Management students are allowed to bring a car on campus because of the nature of our program and the need to travel to various golf courses for play, practice, player development and service learning activities. Students should apply for parking permits from the Transportation office.