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Tourism and Commercial RecreationTourism is one of the world’s largest industries and includes a variety of sectors – attractions, accommodations, transportation, recreation, sports, culture, entertainment, culinary, shopping, and much more. The Tourism and Commercial Recreation Concentration offers students a variety of experiences and opportunities.

This concentration is well-suited for students who enjoy working with people, are interested in business management, and enjoy travel and event planning.

Tourism and commercial recreation professionals make a profound impact on the lives of people locally, nationally, and globally. NC State University prides itself on educating students who are prepared to take on global, as well as local and regional challenges to create positive and sustainable experiences for participants in their recreation and leisure activities. Graduating students receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management.

This program takes a hands-on approach to learning. Classes are small and offer students individualized attention. Students gain professional working knowledge of the tourism and commercial recreation industry through classes, service learning activities, study abroad programs and a required internship.

Global Benefits

  • Cultural exchanges
  • Economic development for communities
  • Travel, study and work abroad
  • Sustainable tourism

Tourism and Commercial Recreation Student Profile

  • Interested in travel
  • Enjoys being a leader
  • Outgoing
  • Service industry oriented
  • Likes to organize events and activities
  • Demonstrates good time management skills
  • Enjoys working with people
  • Interested in sales and marketing

Examples of Career Titles

  • Convention and Visitor Bureau Director
  • Cooperative Extension Agent
  • Meeting and Convention Services
  • Resort and Hotel Recreation Specialist
  • Event Planner
  • Ecotourism Planner
  • Marketing and Sales Representative
  • Tourism Researcher
  • Public Relations Representative
  • Destination Planner

 Sample Courses

  • Special Events Planning
  • Resort Management and Operations
  • Leadership and Supervision
  • Convention and Visitor Services
  • Services, Facilities and Event Marketing
  • Managerial Accounting

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