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Applies to: PRTM students accepted since Fall 2006. This policy does not apply to Sport Management students.

Pre-internship Requirement: 100 hours

We believe that paid or volunteer experiences in the parks, recreation, tourism and leisure services industry are an important component of a students educational experience. Students are encouraged to volunteer or work in their area of interest as much as possible prior to graduation. To insure students get a minimum of 500 hours of work/volunteer experience prior to graduation, we have three class related volunteer experiences, independent work/volunteer opportunities and a 400 hour required internship. These experiences are designed to give students 1) an opportunity to begin career exploration, 2) develop essential contacts in the field, 3) gain experiences for use on their resume and 4) apply what they are learning in to real world situations.

Pre-internship requirement: As a pre-requisite to PRT 475 (Internship), students must complete a minimum of 100 hours of paid or volunteer work in the leisure industry. These hours must have been completed after high school. The 100 hours can be met in the following ways:

  1. Class work/volunteer experiences: Students have two opportunities to acquire 40 hours of volunteer/work as a requirement in the following classes:
    • PRT 238 – 10 hours
    • PRT 358 – 30 hours (service learning class)
  2. Personal paid/volunteer parks, recreation, tourism or sport experiences: Students are required to complete outside of classes is a minimum of 60 hours of paid/volunteer work in an aspect of the leisure industry. We encourage a student to earn the 30 hours with one agency. However, a minimum of 15 hours can be completed with one agency allowing a student to split his or her work between agencies. If you work or volunteer for an agency less than 15 hours, YOU CANNOT COUNT THESE HOURS TOWARD YOUR 60 HOUR REQUIREMENT. These hours will be verified. Students can verify their hours using the Pre-Internship Experience Verification Form. These forms can be found on-line and in Room 4012 Biltmore Hall. The internship coordinator will either call or write to the agency supervisor to verify the student’s hours with the agency. The internship coordinator will have the final determination on what type of experience will or will not count for these pre-internship hours. (Experiences in a non-leisure related industry will not count toward the 60 hours. Jobs as waiter/waitress/bartender cannot be used toward the 60 hours.)

Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management

North Carolina State University

Pre-internship Experience Verification Form

Student Name___________________________________ Student ID_______________

Local Phone _______________________ Email address _________________________

Agency Supervisor_______________________________ Job Title _________________

Agency Name ____________________________________________________________

Agency Address __________________________________________________________

Agency Phone _________________________ Email _____________________________

Number of Work/Volunteer hours_______ Dates performed:________________________

Brief Description of Experience: _____________________________________________

Official use:

Date experience verified:___________ By:_____________________________________