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The purpose of this resource is to give you important information on PRTM doctoral degree program policies, guidelines, and procedures. At the same time, it is intended to assure that doctoral students and faculty share expectations as completely as possible. This information supplements and does not replace the information, policies, and schedules provided by the NC State University Graduate School.

Beyond understanding the policies, rules and regulations for graduate education at NC State, students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the willingness of PRTM faculty to discuss scholarly and professional matters. The heart of graduate education—particularly doctoral education—is the mentoring relationship between students and faculty. Taking the time to get acquainted with numerous members of the PRTM faculty will open scholarly and professional doors for you.

The Department has also developed the Ph.D. Student Progress – Minimum Expectations document to provide guidance to doctoral students and their advisors to gauge a student’s progress. Although exceptions may occur due to specific circumstances (e.g., part-time student, specific research project requirements), these standards are intended to provide reasonable benchmarks for measuring students’ progress toward completing the degree and building a strong credential for academic or research employment.

Students and faculty advisors, who want to pursue an Article Dissertation Model (ADM) in lieu of the traditional dissertation format, please refer to the following document for guidance.