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The Geospatial Information Science & Technology Program is a cross-departmental program administered by the Center for Geospatial Analytics.  The program provides the department the unique opportunity to assist park, recreation, and tourism professionals with advanced mapping, planning, and analysis tools and applications. Recent sample projects include county park and recreation plans, site development conceptual maps for ski resorts, healthy community designs, economic impact analyses of selection recreation programs, regional and state trail system mapping, and tourism marketing data systems.

The Center for Geospatial Analytics an international open source geospatial research and education facility which supports remote sensing, geographic information systems, global navigation systems, image processing, and geospatial data collection. The Center for Geospatial Analytics’ innovative Digital Imagery Visualization Lab is located in Room 5111 of Jordan Hall I.

GIS Contacts:  Perver Baran, Aaron Hipp,  Yu-Fai Leung, Charlynne Smith