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The online application is available at the website: Apply Online

Original Transcripts are to be sent to:

The Graduate School
North Carolina State University
1000 Main Campus Drive
Room 2320B
Campus Box 7102
Raleigh, NC 27695-7102

You can visit the Education Testing Service (ETS) at and submit a request to have your GRE score report sent to NC State University. The institutional code number for North Carolina State University is 5496.

The department admits graduate students during fall and spring semester.

Yes. A few research and teaching assistants are usually awarded by the PRTM department. If you are interested in being considered for financial aid, please indicate this on your graduate school application. These awards are highly competitive and based on merit and skills needed by the department.

For broad range of financial assistance options available through the Graduate School please visit the Financial Support site. In addition, you can find information on University loans and financials at the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.  You can also contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid by phone (919-515-2421) or in person (2016 Harris Hall).

From the time you are accepted into the program until your classes start, the Director of the Graduate Program (DGP) and the Graduate Program Administrative Assistant serve as your advisors. At the beginning of fall semester, you will be assigned to a tentative faculty advisor based on your degree selection and specific interests.  This faculty member serves as your advisor for at least one semester.  If after your first or second semester, you would like to change advisors you may do so.  Meet with the faculty member you would like to be your advisor, explain your interests, and ask if they would agree to be your advisor.  If they agree, then let your previous advisor know and also notify the DGP and the graduate administrative assistant of this change.

The academic calendar for graduate students is different than from undergraduate students and varies depending on your degree type.  Check it carefully each semester especially as you near degree completion.

If you are trying to answer questions such as how many faculty members should be on my committee, how many hours of PBS will count toward my degree or what’s the maximum length of time I have to complete this degree, you should refer to the Graduate Administrative Handbook.

As a graduate student many of your degree procedures have to be approved in the department by your faculty advisor/s and the DGP before going on for approval by the Graduate School. Some examples of forms that are required include your advisory committee, Plan of Work, permission to schedule the oral exam and application for graduation. These forms must be submitted by the indicated deadlines using this complete schedule.

Yes. At the end of your second semester you can complete and submit a form to change your degree objective.




For more information, see NC State’s Graduate School FAQs.