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First Recipient of the University Graduate Student Association’s Best Practice Award


To support Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management graduate students in their course of study and enhance each student’s overall NC State graduate experience by promoting professional development, encouraging scholarly pursuits, and facilitating networking and social endeavors. The GSA supports the department in its efforts to produce lifelong learners and leaders in a global society committed to developing parks, recreation, tourism, and sport resources that improve the quality of life and are environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable.

Vision & Values

The vision of the Graduate Student Association is to enhance the graduate student experience through a positive environment and academic support.

Our values are in line with the departmental vision and mission and include the following:

  • We value the role the department and the university plays in graduate education;
  • We value interactions among fellow students, faculty members, and professionals in the field;
  • We value the diversity within our program, including academic diversity;
  • We value our commitment to facilitate a support network for fellow PRTM graduate students.

Check the links below or contact Dr. Bethany Cutts for more information about the PRTM Graduate Student Association:

PRTM GSA Officers

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Bethany Cutts

PH. D. Co-President: Olivia V.

Masters Co-President: Sarah Futch

Academic & Professional Development: Claudia Gil Arroyo

Communications: Zeynab Jouzi

Fundraising: Samantha Lockwood 

Treasurer: Daniela Agostini

UGSA Rep: Andrew Rogers

Online Student Representative: Jennifer Beaman,

Secretary: Joey Cheung

Social, Networking & Community Service: