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graduate studentsThe Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management (PRTM) at NC State is dedicated to providing an exciting and challenging intellectual environment for students pursuing a graduate degree. The department offers a variety of master’s degrees and a Ph.D. degree. Click on the degree links provided below to learn more about each degree.

PRTM offers a doctoral degree designed to produce independent scholars capable of conducting independent research. Graduate students seeking this degree must have a master’s degree in recreation and parks management, sport, tourism, or related field. Click here to find out more about the department’s research areas. To be competitive Ph.D. applicants should identify a PRTM graduate faculty member in their area of interest prior to admission into the program. Applicants are encouraged to contact the faculty member or the Director of Graduate Programs to obtain information on research assistantship opportunities.


Ph.D. Programs

Master Degrees

The department offers master’s degrees in parks, recreation and tourism management, and natural resources. With several of these degrees, you have the option of writing a thesis or a professional project.

Graduate degree programs designed for the working professional:

Technical Options

PRTM also administers two technical options in the Masters of Natural Resources Program:

Distance Education Options

Contact Us

Contact Yu-Fai Leung, Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management Graduate Program Director