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graduate studentsOur mission is to be the premier parks, recreation and tourism management doctoral program in the nation by developing scholars of distinction who possess the potential to significantly impact both theory and practice relevant to their chosen professions.
Doctoral Program Objectives:

  • Students will conduct independent theory-based research.
  • Students will be able to effectively communicate scientific and technical information.
  • Students will be prepared to teach effectively at the university or college level.
  • Students will be prepared to pursue a wide array of scholarship and career opportunities.

Degree Requirements

A minimum of 72 hours is required to receive the Ph.D. degree in PRTM.

Courses Include:

  • PRT 700 – Advanced Theories of Leisure  – 3 hours
  • PRT 701-  Research Methods in Parks, Recreation, & Tourism Management-3 Hours
  • ST (512 or higher) – Statistics – 3 hours
  • Research Methods/Statistics Electives – 6 hours
  • PRT 885 – Supervised Teaching – 3 hours
  • PRT 801 – Seminars – 4 hours
  • PRT 893 + PRT 895 – Dissertation – 17 hours
  • Substantive Area or Minor – 15 hours
  • Suggested Electives

Additional Requirements

  • Independent instruction of one undergraduate course.
  • Successful completion of a preliminary comprehensive examination (written and oral components), a dissertation, and a successful dissertation defense.

Administrative Notes

  • A declared minor or substantive area is required.
  • No pre-requisites will be listed on the Plan of Work (e.g. ST 507, ST 511)
  • Teaching in College (EAC 786) may be included on the Plan of Work with permission of the student’s committee.
  • A grade of “B-“ or better is required for all coursework listed on the student’s Plan of Work.
  • Although the NC State Graduate School states that “If a student completes a Master’s degree from NC State and continues to a doctoral degree without a break in time, up to 36 credit hours taken while in Master’s status may be used to meet minimum requirements for the doctoral degree,” the policy of PRTM will be to only accept up to a maximum of 18 hours (as is the case with a student coming from a university other than NC State) unless the student has completed a Masters program at NC State with a clear substantive area of expertise aside from PRTM.
  • Students cannot take 400-level courses or lower as part of the credit-hour requirements.
  • Students can transfer up to 12 cr. hrs. of PBS into the Ph.D. program with permission of the student’s committee.

Admission Information

Deadlines: Fall Admission: February 15    Spring Admission: October 15

We should receive your completed application by the appropriate deadline if you wish to be considered for a research or teaching assistantship.

Apply Online using our convenient web-based application system.

Original transcripts are to be sent at the address:

The Graduate School
North Carolina State University
College of Textiles, 1020 Main Campus Drive
Room 2320B
Campus Box 7102
Raleigh, NC 27695-7102

You can visit the Education Testing Service (ETS) and submit a request to have your GRE score report sent to NCSU. The institutional code number for North Carolina State University is 5496.

Applicants must meet the minimum admission requirements for full graduate standing. Minimum Requirements are:

  • Master’s degree, with a recommended GPA of 3.5 or above
  • GRE scores, students admitted over the past four years (2014-15 to 2017-18), have averaged over 153 Verbal*, over 152 Quantitative*, and over 3.75 analytical writing. Competitive applicants score at 50th percentile or greater of each section of the GRE. (*GRE old and new scores conversion chart)
  • Three letters of recommendation from academic sources (i.e., professors)
  • Personal statement: Describe your research interests, career goals, work experience, and academic honors and achievements. Also, you can include experiences and traits that will contribute to the enrichment or diversity of the University or community, beyond your academic credentials.
  • Potential Faculty Advisor – To be competitive Ph.D. applicants should identify a PRTM graduate faculty member as a potential faculty advisor. Specifically, prospective Ph.D. students should review the research interests of the faculty on the departmental web site and determine which faculty have interests similar to their own. Once similar interests have been identified, the student is encouraged to contact the faculty members to discuss the possibility of working with them and obtaining a research assistantship. Please indicate the potential faculty advisor(s) in the Personal Statement.
  • Whenever possible it is advisable to arrange a personal visit with the potential faculty sponsor and the Director of the Graduate Program (DGP).

Admission to the Doctoral program is very competitive and in addition to the above requirements depends on:

  • Availability of funding
  • Teaching, research and other departmental needs
  • Fit with departmental research programs

International Students

To be eligible for admission to the Graduate School all international applicants, regardless of citizenship, must demonstrate proficiency in English at a level necessary to be successful in a graduate program at NC State. For the requirements please read further here.

Review Procedure

  • All graduate applications are received online by the NC State University Graduate School (Do NOT send copies to the department). You can access the application on the site NCSU Graduate School Online Application.
  • The Graduate School notifies the department when an application has been received.
  • The departmental review process begins after your application has been completed and you have obtained a faculty sponsor.
  • The PRTM Graduate Faculty reviews all applications.
  • PRTM Graduate Faculty recommend for or denial of admission into the doctoral program.
  • Based on the PRTM Faculty recommendation, the Director of the Graduate Program (DGP) notifies the NC State Graduate School of your acceptance or denial into the program.
  • You are notified of acceptance or denial into graduate school by the NC State University Graduate School and not by the department.
  • If you have applied for financial assistance from the department and funding is available, you will receive additional information from the department.
  • The departmental admission review process typically begins the last week of January and ends the last week of February.