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Accelerated Courses

The accelerated course format allows students to complete two courses per semester while only taking one course at a time.

Accelerated Course Format

Our accelerated Online classes take the content from traditional 15-week, 3 credit hour, classes and “compresses” them into 7 weeks.

As you plan your schedule, be advised that accelerated classes require more work in a shorter amount of time. Be prepared to schedule extra time for homework and studying during an accelerated class. The accelerated course format also allows students to complete two courses per semester while only taking one course at a time. Students who adhere to the two course per semester (and one course in the summer session) will complete all requirements for the Masters degree in two years.

Accelerated classes are designed to meet the needs of busy professionals and students with active lifestyles. Characteristics of a successful student include:

  • Excellent time management skills
  • Self-motivation
  • Ability to learn on their own
  • Commitment to their education

Online Course Structure

Each course in the Online Masters degree typically includes a combination of recorded lectures, electronic discussion forums, assigned readings, independent and group assignments, and real time online class meetings.

Recorded lectures

Recorded lectures are typically no longer than 20 minutes and include a brief overview of material covered in each week of the course.  The following is a brief sample of a typical recorded lecture:

Sample lecture

Discussion Forums

To accomplish a level of interaction that is conducive to an active and progressive learning community, all courses in the Online Masters degree incorporate threaded discussions. A threaded discussion forum allows both the instructor and students to make multiple replies to the same topic in an ordered fashion. This gives us a discussion tree, with the topic being at the heart of the dialogue.  For example,  your instructor may initiate a discussion forum with a specific task such as “after reading through the assigned reading on ADA compliance in sport facilities identify what you believe is the biggest ADA compliance challenge facing sport facility managers today”.

Real Time Online Class Meetings

All required Online Masters Courses will include weekly real time online class meetings with all students and the instructor.  Class meetings are typically scheduled on either Tuesday or Thursday evenings, from approximately 7:30 to 9 pm.   Although topics of the class meetings will vary form course-to-course, common topics include a review of the weeks readings, lecture, and threaded discussions following by specific discussions of topics selected by the instructor or requested by students.  Additional elements may include brief lectures from faculty or guest speakers, group activities, student presentations, and discussions.  The online software Blackboard Collaborate serves as the host for all class meetings.  Students are not required to purchase any software to participate.  Course instructors will provide students with an internet address (URL) that will load and launch Blackboard Collaborate on their computer.  The only additional computer requirements to fully participate in the Blackboard Collaborate class meetings is headset-microphone combination.  This will allow you to participate in any audio discussion components of the class meeting.  Students will also be provided with a brief tutorial video on how to access and utilize the features available in Blackboard Collaborate.