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TriangleHealthRWhat are the social costs of losing connection to the outdoors?

How critical are outdoor leisure experiences to mental and physical well-being?

What skills and experiences at home, at school, and in the community turn an impressionable youth into a healthy, responsible and motivated adult?

What motivates so many people to play and watch sports and travel?What do these experiences contribute to their lives?

What are the barriers to fair and equitable access to parks and recreation resources for a diverse population?

And how can knowing the answers to these and other questions help people live healthier lives and help communities grow economically?


PRTM researchers who work in the arena of Health and Well-being are developing knowledge that addresses these questions everyday. The knowledge they generate in the areas of active recreation, leisure behavior, and youth development influences policies and practices related to human health and well-being, land use and design, and social justice.

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Graduate Faculty Engaged in Research in this Area

Perver Baran, Jason Bocarro, Kyle BundsJonathan Casper, Mike Edwards, Myron Floyd, J. Aaron HippMichael KantersKangJae “Jerry” Lee