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KangJae "Jerry" Lee

Assistant Professor

Biltmore Hall (Robertson Wing) 4004

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  • Ph.D. Texas A&M University, Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences
  • M.S. Texas A&M University, Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences
  • B.S. Kyonggi University (Republic of Korea), Tourism and Recreation

Research Interests

  • Race/ethnicity and leisure participation
  • Social inequality in access to public parks and recreation resources
  • Pierre Bourdieu’s sociological theory and leisure activities
  • Leisure and subjective well-being
  • Racism and discrimination during leisure and tourism activities
  • Serious leisure and recreational specialization
  • Intergroup contact during leisure and sport activities

Selected Publications

Lee, K. J., & Hwang, S. (Accepted). Serious leisure qualities and subjective well-being. Special Issue of Journal of Positive Psychology.

Lee, K. J., & Scott, D. (2017). Racial discrimination and African Americans’ travel behavior: The utility of habitus and vignette technique. Journal of Travel Research. 56, 381-392.

Lee, K. J., & Stodolska, M. (2016). Asian North Americans’ leisure: A critical examination of the theoretical frameworks used in research and suggestions for future study. Leisure Sciences. DOI: 10.1080/01490400.2016.1215944

Lee, K. J., & Scott, D. (2016). Bourdieu and African Americans’ park visitation: The case of Cedar Hill State Park in Texas. Leisure Sciences, 38, 424-440.

Lee, K. J., Scott, D., Floyd, M. F., & Edwards, M. (2016). Social stratification in fishing participation in the United States: a multiple hierarchy stratification perspective. Journal of Leisure Research, 48, 245-263.

Ellis, G., Lee, K. J., & Satchabut, T. (2015). Experimental designs in leisure studies. In G. Walker, D. Scott, M. Stodolska (Eds.), Leisure Matters: The State and Future of Leisure Studies (pp. 333-342). State College, PA: Venture Publishing.

Lee, K. J., Dunlap, R., & Edwards, M. (2014). The implication of Bourdieu’s theory of practice for leisure studies. Leisure Sciences, 36, 314-323.

Lee, K. J., & Scott, D. (2013). Interracial contact experience during recreational basketball and soccer: Korean American males’ perspectives. Journal of Leisure Research, 45, 267-294.

Lee, K. J., Dunlap, R., & Scott, D. (2011). Korean American males’ serious leisure experiences and their perceptions of different play styles. Leisure Sciences, 33, 290-308.

Lee, K. J., & Scott, D. (2011). Participation in wildlife watching: A multiple hierarchy stratification perspective. Human Dimensions of Wildlife, 16, 330-344.

Honors and Awards

2017   Golden Apple Award in Excellent Teaching and Mentorship, College of Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources, University of Missouri

2013   U.S. Senator Phil Gramm Doctoral Fellowship, Texas A&M University

2012   Diversity Scholarship, National Recreation and Park Association

2012   Scholarship, Korean American Scholarship Foundation