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Student Spotlight: Caitlyn Seastrunk

Caitlyn Seastrunk

PGA Golf Management major Caitlyn Seastrunk works part-time at the Lonnie Poole Club House and Golf Course on Centennial Campus. In her spare time, she is also an active member of the PGA Golf Management (PGM) Club, which prepares students for future endeavors in the golf industry. It’s also a great way to network and get to know other students in the program. Even though she is only a freshman, Seastrunk has plans to teach junior golf at a private institution upon graduation.

Tell us about your hands-on experience.

I currently work on the support staff at the Lonnie Poole Club House and Golf Course. This has been a great experience for me to learn the basics prior to my required internships. I have also worked for two years at the Wolfpack Golf School Junior Camps. These were the original reason I found junior golf instruction so appealing. The golf camps lasted four weeks throughout the summer and had upwards of 60-65 kids every week. This experience really allowed me to learn how to create a safe environment for juniors, while also keeping everyone engaged in camp activities. Ultimately, it was these camps and my current job that have inspired me to pursue this degree at NC State. GO PACK!

How did this experience impact you?

I have learned, by working at Lonnie Poole, that every day is going to be different and that it is my job to stay on top of daily tasks by prioritizing what needs to get done.

What did you learn about yourself during your experience?

I learned that even if it might seem like a night may never end, you will be rewarded if you work hard at your job. I also realized that I could always give more to my work and be the best I can at my job.

How has this experience prepared you for your future career?

Working at Lonnie Poole has prepared me beyond measures. Whether through working or just shadowing the professionals that work at the golf course, everything has been beneficial to me. I learned how to manage a staff because I was part of the support staff and all of its changes. I know what’s expected and how to reward those who work hard.

Why was participating in this experience important to you?

Participating in my job was important to me because it prepared me for my future and gave me an insight as to what I would be doing in years to come.

What did you enjoy most about your experience?

I enjoyed creating special relationships with everyone that works at Lonnie Poole and creating bonds with all of my support staff coworkers.

What did you find most challenging about your experience?

Prior to this job, I had no work experience. I also had never really researched what was expected of support staff at a golf course. Therefore, I had no idea what was expected of me on a daily basis.

Why would you recommend this experience to other students?

I would recommend that everyone go out and look for a job that could be beneficial to their future careers. Mine has been like a mini internship and very rewarding for myself. I believe that this is beneficial to anyone, whether they are in the College of Natural Resources or not.

Any advice to incoming students thinking about your major?

To any of my future PGMer’s I would say go out and explore different courses to find what you like. It helps to have an idea of what you like to do, so you can start planning where you want to go before you get here. However, if you do not have an idea of what you want to focus on, you will surely find out during your time here.