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Olympic statue in a park.

Not Your Average Summer

From mapping trees to promoting sustainable tourism, NC State students enjoyed a variety of hands-on learning experiences this summer.

Happy #919Day, Raleigh! 💕 So proud to call this beautiful place home.

📸: Dorothea Dix Park, pre-COVID
Our love is strong, no matter the size. 🔴⚪️🐺 

📸: 3-D prints in @ncstatefb’s Hodges Wood Products Lab
From protecting natural resources to promoting #EnvironmentalJustice, ‘06 @NCState_FER alum Katie Rose Levin is using her passions every day as the @townofcary’s first urban forestry manager. 

Katie encourages anyone who is looking to enter her field to read, ask questions and work with others. She also stresses the value of having a variety of skill sets.

“Although I came up through working with trees, I actually consider myself as working in sustainability, resilience, adaptation and health. Many brains are better than one brain. Our society needs people who have both technical and big picture thinking and who can work with many different types of people. So be okay with not knowing things, and with learning to engage with others.” 

Still from “Biomimicking Structural Colors with Wood Nanocrystals” by Joseph Gutierrez

@ncstatefb graduate student Joseph Gutierrez received honorable mention in @ncstate’s Envisioning Research image contest.

He explains, “The video is a time-lapse of the drying process of Cellulose Nanocrystals (CNCs), a renewable and sustainable material extracted from wood that produces a mesmerizing iridescent effect; you can see how the formation of this stunning coloration is. I wondered how the whole process would look that usually takes several days, and this contest was the perfect opportunity to capture it!”
It’s a gorgeous day to be outside. 😍 Comment below where your favorite place is on campus. ⬇️

Happy Labor Day, Wolfpack! 🐺🐾 Enjoy your day off to the fullest.
Another great year for submissions to @ncstate’s annual Envisioning Research contest, including this beauty from #NCStateCNR @ncstatefer graduate student Ryan Bohannon that took second place in the photography competition. 😍 #ThinkAndDo

“I took this photo in late October during field work in a stand of ash trees attacked by the emerald ash borer. Seeing the sunrise breaking through the fog and dying trees among all the destruction caused by the beetle made this a haunting but beautiful moment.” -Ryan Bohannon

📸: “Foggy Sunrise Among Dying Ash Trees”
Someone is studying hard already after the first week of classes. 📚 Which classes are you ready to ace?