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Not Your Average Summer School

Our students spend their summer in the field, gaining essential hands-on experience that turns classroom theories into practical skills through internships, research, study abroad and camps. Check out their on-going experiences.

Our award-winning teachers and researchers work alongside students to generate new knowledge and technology, leverage interdisciplinary partnerships, engage with industry and communities, and provide professional leadership for the future.

Undergraduate Programs
Graduate Programs

A Letter From the Dean

Dean Watzin

“The College of Natural Resources is proud of its history at NC State University, from our origins as a School of Forestry in 1929 to our position today as the go-to place for solutions to natural resource challenges.” Dean Mary Watzin

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Center for Geospatial Analytics


An interdisciplinary research and teaching center focused on data-driven spatial modeling and visualization for sustainable solutions to environmental and societal challenges.

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