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Brendan Tumpey stands in graduation robe by NCSU Pulp and Paper Labs sign

Your Journey Begins Here

The best way to get a feel for what the College of Natural Resources has to offer is to schedule a visit or attend an information session.

The sunflower field at Dix Park is our happy place. 🌻❤️🐾 #PackToNature #parksandrecreationmonth 

Disclaimer: This video was filmed a few days ago and the sunflowers have been wilting due to the heat, so if you haven’t made it this year, they’ll be back in full bloom next July.
It's #NationalIceCreamDay — one of our favorite days of the year. 😋🍦 With the deliciousness of @ncstatehowlingcow, can we please make this a mandate at least once every month? 

Tell us: What's your Howling Cow flavor of choice?
Over the coming weeks, we will be highlighting our students' amazing summer internship experiences. From interning at the Duke Lemur Center to the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, it has definitely been #notyouraveragesummer for these students. 🐺🐾

Since early June, rising junior Sydney Ford has been working as an engineering intern for WestRock Company at its Hodge, LA mill. Sydney is studying paper science and chemical engineering in our @ncstatefb program and will be publicity chair for TAPPI in the fall, as well as an #NCStateCNR tutor in math and chemistry. 

During her internship, Sydney has been working in the mill's technical department, mainly in their machine room, working on the paper machines. Her one main project has involved making several training presentations that describe the process flow of the fiber, white water and additives that are supplied to the mill's paper machines. 

"The main purpose of them is for them to be used for new hires or vendors that come into the mill and for them to get a general understanding of the process flow as well as what role each machine plays in the process. These presentations include simplistic diagrams I've created of the process flow, as well as pictures of the main machinery involved in the process. Along with these pictures, each have a description of what each piece of machinery does as well as how it is connected in each process. 

This project has allowed me to work with the process engineers involved in the stock prep area of the mill, as well as understand more about this area than what I have learned in school. Being here has allowed me to gain more experience in the paper industry and learn more about the specific paper making process that the Hodge mill has." -@sydney_ford811
#NCStateCNR student Wallace Layman is the picture of dedication and consistency. To honor his commitment in the college, this rising senior in @ncstatefb has been awarded TAPPI's highest award for students, the 2022 Cullison Award. 🎉 

The Cullison Award, named in honor of industry leader William L. Cullison, provides $2,000 per semester of support for students entering their third year of college to pursue an academic path related to a career in pulp, paper, corrugated and converting industries.

“My heart rate started getting up, and I was very excited,” Layman said, describing seeing the congratulatory email from TAPPI. “I ended up with an influx of scholarships in my junior year. I feel proud and happy that the work I’ve put in throughout my education has awards coming from it. It feels very satisfying.

I really want to be someone who the people I work with can respect. I want to be known as someone who cares about the people he works with and is just genuinely a caring person.”
🎶 Be running up that building. 🎶

Can you guess where these stairs are located? #ncstateoncampus 🐺🐾