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Brendan Tumpey stands in graduation robe by NCSU Pulp and Paper Labs sign

Graduation to Vocation

Our students are ready to provide real-world solutions to real-world problems.

Meet #NCState20 graduate Alyssa Stroker. 👋  Alyssa graduated from the college in May 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in @ncstateprtm and a concentration in sustainable tourism. She earned her minor in outdoor leadership.

Alyssa took her passion for outdoor recreation from #NCStateCNR to Longwoods International, where she works as a research analyst in the travel and tourism industry. 

"My extreme passion for outdoor recreation led me to the parks, recreation and tourism management (PRTM) major, and through these courses, my curiosity in the tourism field and sustainable development piqued. The PRTM tourism courses covered introductory content exploring the foundation of the tourism industry and services, as well as topics that discussed global challenges of mass tourism. This variety of tourism avenues excited me to gain a deeper understanding of the tourism field."

Learn about the impact she is making by visiting the "Alumni and Friends" section of the news link in our bio.

#HowlBack 🐺🐾
Congratulations to Dr. Erin Seekamp, an @ncexttourism specialist and professor in #NCStateCNR, who is the first woman in the college to receive the @ncstatealumni Distinguished Graduate Professorship Award. 🎉

“It’s a great recognition to demonstrate how much of my time and energy I spend mentoring graduate students. Being able to see the successes of all the students who I’ve mentored and watched their growth and development after they leave NC State and become their own catalysts for change is just tremendous for me."

Get to know Erin by visiting the "Honors and Awards" section of the news link in our bio.
Our graduates strive to protect nature, whether it be through conservation or in Katie Kolcusky's case, geospatial analytics in the form of geographic information systems (GIS). Thanks to her classes in the college, this #NCState22 graduate is on her way to working as a solution engineer at @esrigram. 

"While GIS is a very technical field, it is still very important to have good design skills. With GIS, you are often designing maps or applications to visualize the information. In order to display the information appropriately, it is important to design themes and visuals that make sense with the topic. I believe I bring design elements to the table that make my projects user-friendly and interesting.

While pursuing my bachelor’s degree in environmental sciences, I developed a passion for GIS. I found that GIS allowed me to have a deeper understanding of the projects I worked on which allowed for better solutions and decision making. The great part of being in the GIS field is that it can apply to so many other topics such as health, defense, and many more so I am always learning. My main GIS-related interest is anything related to environmental sciences still, more specifically climate change and the conservation and preservation of national parks and lands." 

Best of luck in the future, Katie!
Meet Austin Cross, a new @ncstateprtm graduate and a soon-to-be parks and greenways planning technician with the Town of Apex. 👋🎓 #NCState22

"I am a nontraditional undergraduate student with a family, which I learned is a blessing when it comes to working in the parks and recreation field. The experiences and skills I learned prior to coming to the College of Natural Resources were only amplified after completing my courses. I have learned that being involved with parks and recreation is a huge advantage when it comes to getting involved and invested in my county’s development and enrichment. 

During my years with the college, I have volunteered many hours to multiple different organizations and that time has helped me meet new people who have similar values and goals as I do. These new experiences have helped me become a better father, husband and professional overall, and I plan to continue working toward providing excellent service to my community and beyond." -@biograve93
“A mother’s love is more beautiful than any fresh flower.” —Debasish Mridha

Happy Mother's Day to our Wolfpack moms!🌷
Preserve and protect — it’s the motto of many who work in forestry and environmental resources. Asija Rice, a soon-to-be @ncstatefer #NCState22 graduate,  is definitely no exception. After graduation, Asija will be helping families protect and keep their land as a forester at @heirspropertypreservation. 🌳🎓

The Center for Heirs’ Property Preservation is a nonprofit organization that “protects heirs’ property and promotes its sustainable use to provide increased economic benefit to historically under-served families.” In her role, Rice will prepare forest management and conservation plans for landowners, implement outreach and educational activities, and much more.

"My work collects much of the history and historical land tenure that independent black farmers and families have credited over the years. Underserved landowners frequently lack comprehension of this legacy, allowing developers to take advantage of these property owners. Without knowing this history, the next heir often does not grasp the worth of this land."

Best of luck in the future, Asija!
Brendan Tumpey is a soon-to-be #NCState22 paper science and engineering (@ncstatefb) graduate. After graduation, he is heading off to become a REACH (Recruit, Engage, Align College Hires) engineer for @internationalpaper. 🎓

"The College of Natural Resources has given me endless opportunities during my college career and has set me up for a lifetime of success. The professors are experts in their areas, and it shows how much effort and care they put into their classes and lessons to ensure that the students benefit from the program.

In Paper Science and Engineering, I was offered a co-op one month into my freshman year, something that is unheard of at many other colleges and universities. This first co-op led to a series of other work experiences, the last of which landed me in Oregon, where I plan to move after graduation. I believe the classes and co-ops/internships that were made available to me through the College of Natural Resources have prepared me as best as possible for my awaiting future." -@_tumpey_

Best of luck in the future, Brendan!
Meet Lauren McLaughlin, one of our #NCState22 graduates. 👋🎓

Lauren will be graduating this weekend with a bachelor’s degree in environmental science within @ncstatefer. She has been a tremendous help to #NCStateCNR the past few years as our marketing intern. Upon graduation, she will work as a highway safety analyst at @vhbnow in Raleigh, NC. 

"The College of Natural Resources has provided me with a strong understanding of many different environmental issues and how they relate to society. The environmental sciences focal area in particular allowed me to take classes specific to my interests. I’ve also really enjoyed the small, family-like feel at the college. Everyone here is passionate about what they do, which I think really benefits the learning environment." -@lkmclaughlinphotography

Best of luck in the future, Lauren!
Good luck on your finals, #NCStateCNR Pack! Don’t forget: the early bird gets the worm (pun intended). 📚🐦

Meet #NCState22 graduate Heaven Davis. 🎓 

Heaven will be graduating next week with a bachelor’s degree in paper science and engineering from @ncstatefb. Upon graduation, she will work as a support engineer at Solenis in Macon, Georgia. Solenis is a company that manufactures specialty chemicals for several markets, including pulp, paper, oil and gas, chemical processing, and biorefining.

"The College of Natural Resources has allowed me to have so many opportunities during my four years at NC State. From forming various connections with the faculty and staff to being a recipient of the CNR Enrichment Fund, it is evident that this college truly cares about its students. My experience in the College of Natural Resources has helped me transition into a confident leader and is a contributing factor to my success during college.

As a first-generation college student, I’ve always had the motivation to further my education. When pursuing colleges, NC State stuck out to me with the unique paper science and engineering program they offered, as well as the small family environment the program had. Through my passion for paper and the encouragement from my family and the College of Natural Resources’ faculty and professors, I have never lacked the motivation to do better." -@heaven.daviss