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Strategic Plan

The College of Natural Resources fully embraces NC State's land-grant mission and its Think and Do attitude. Through strong academics, research and outreach programs, we create solutions that matter and generate economic value across North Carolina and the nation. Discover more about our strategic vision and future impact.

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About Our Plan

In 2016, the College of Natural Resources updated its strategic plan with bold new ideas for our future. The College of Natural Resources is strong – with a proud tradition in paper science and engineering, forest management, natural resource conservation, park planning, and tourism management.

Our vision through 2020 is to build on these strengths and leverage new partnerships and collaborations to address increasingly complex natural resources challenges. These challenges demand a systems approach, with transdisciplinary perspectives and methods of analysis. They form the basis for three bold new themes the college is pursuing: sustainability solutions, land and water, and the intersection of built and natural environments.

As we continue to expand our expertise and focus on finding solutions to the critical challenges facing our world, we aim to bring together the best minds in the field and the brightest students on campus to create a future where both our planet and our communities thrive.

Strategic Goals and Objectives

  1. Enhance the success of our students through educational innovation.
    • Enhance undergraduate academic programs by emphasizing interdisciplinary opportunities for collaboration and engaged learning across curricula.
    • Enhance graduate programs by creating new opportunities that emphasize cross-campus collaboration.
    • Enhance mentoring and advising of undergraduate students across the college and create co-curricula programs designed to improve student outcomes.
  2. Enhance disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and scholarship in areas of core strength.
    • Strengthen research and scholarship capacity in areas of core strength.
    • Enhance interdisciplinary collaboration around the college’s three themes that build on faculty strengths, interests and emerging area of societal need.
    • Improve infrastructural capacity for research and scholarship.
  3. Cultivate excellence and enhance diversity among faculty, staff and students.
    • Develop, implement and continuously improve recruitment and retention plans to attract and retain diverse faculty and staff.
    • Enhance efforts to recruit and support a student population that reflects the demographic diversity of NC.
    • Integrate diverse perspectives and cultural understanding across the college.
  4. Strengthen and enhance infrastructural support and organizational excellence across the college.
    • Develop and implement a long-term comprehensive space plan for the college.
    • Clarify roles and responsibilities of business operations staff and provide proactive service to all parts of the college.
    • Provide budget transparency and accountability by regularly sharing budget information.
    • Implement a comprehensive and integrated communications plan that enhances the college’s reputation and improves our effectiveness.
    • Plan and implement a college advancement effort that significantly enhances external relations.
  5. Expand and foster local and global partnerships that create positive change and contribute to ecological and socioeconomic sustainability.
    • Increase opportunities for faculty, staff and students to work with local partners on applied problems.
    • Strengthen and expand our partnerships with the Cooperative Extension Service System and other state partners.
    • Facilitate, develop and enhance global partnerships that build the reputation of the college and support teaching, research and engagement priorities.
    • Enhance college capacity for translational research and engagement with local and global partners.

Read the Strategic Plan

This Strategic Plan is a living, evolving document. Through partnerships with you, we can reach our goals and make our college the very best it can be!

Full 2016-2020 College Strategic Plan (PDF)

Abbreviated 2016-2020 College Strategic Plan (PDF)