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Meet Isaac Carbajal

Meet Isaac Carbajal
Photo courtesy of Isaac Carbajal

Isaac Carbajal is a senior studying Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology and a part of the CONNECT program. The program provides a path for students from high school to NC State’s College of Natural Resources. We sat down with him to learn more about his unique experience.

Tell us about yourself. What should people know about you?

I enjoy kayaking and playing competitive fighting games. As a student, I try to stay ahead of my due dates by planning out when I will work on assignments at the beginning of the week and keeping a calendar of major due dates and tests.

How did you choose your major and why are you passionate about it?

I chose my major because the organizations aimed at protecting the environment such as the EPA, the Forest Service, and the Fish and Wildlife Service are underfunded. I hope to make an impact on the world with my degree. I have a particular interest in coral reefs especially considering the bleaching events that recently occurred in the barrier reef. Reefs contain a massive amount of biodiversity but make up a small portion of the planet. Climate change and ocean acidification are causing bleaching events and novel technology has to be developed to save and propagate coral.

What impact has being in the CONNECT program had on your life?

The CONNECT program provided me an opportunity to attend NC State when I otherwise would have been unable. I was fortunate enough to receive the inaugural Dale Earnhardt Scholarship.

What has been your favorite class at NC State?

FW 403 Urban Wildlife Management. This class has been my favorite at NC State because the world is becoming more and more urban whether we like it or not. Wildlife managers in the near future will have to work closely with city legislators to protect vulnerable species that live within city limits. I also thought the professor, Dr. Katti, brought a unique perspective to CNR and was most equipped to lead a class on an understudied area of wildlife management.

Tell us about your involvement on campus.

I’m not involved in any clubs besides the Smash Ultimate club, a fighting game club that puts on tournaments and events to introduce people to the eSports community.

What are your post-college plans?

I’m job searching. I’d like to work as a park ranger and ideally have my housing provided so I can save some money. I eventually want to attend grad school, but I’m still figuring out what exactly I want to study.